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Cosmic Energy Healing

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Cosmic Energy Healing

Cosmic energy is the energy of the supreme consciousness. We all are surrounded by it, in and out, always, every time, and everywhere. It is the energy that governs the functioning of entire cosmos. All of us are constantly availing this energy but as our mind remains distracted with thoughts of past and future, so we are unable to get the most out of it.

Benefits of Cosmic Energy:

1. It Heals: cosmic energy heals us of blockages present in the body. It regulates the blood flow and lowers the stress on the heart.

2. It expands our consciousness: When we focus our mind through techniques, we are able to receive cosmic energy and connect to Divine Consciousness.

3. It helps us lead a happy and prosperous life - Only living for oneself gives no happiness, even it brings lot of disappointment. When we are open to cosmic energy, we start living for others which gives us internal happiness.

For enrolling for this total personality development program and other details, Fees and the timings please contact 91-9448983383, 9535660110, 91-8147613961, 91-8147451256, 91-9739999721.

In our Cosmic healing session emphasis is laid on improving the health and well being of the practitioner rather than spiritual enhancement. This is done because spiritual enhancement is extremely difficult without first becoming healthy. Once your basic necessities of physical fitness is taken care of and when you are at east with yourself, you have the real capability to pursue higher possibilities.

Note: If you wish to attend live Cosmic Energy Healing Sessions after enrolling for this course you will be given free entry to one day Cosmic Energy Healing workshop which will be conducted from time to time. Kindly produce your payment screen shot for enrolling to this course and you will be intimated about the next available Cosmic Energy Healing Sessions.

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