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Mudra Workshop

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Mudra Workshop


|| Nasti Mudra samam kimchit siddhim kshithi mandale ||

Means there is nothing equal to mudra in its efficacy to bestow health upon us on this earth. We can take this mudra therapy even if we are taking Homeopathy, Allopathic, Ayurvedic treatments. Through mudra therapy, patient recovers faster. The diseased persons to rectify their health and the healthy to retain and improve their health Mudra therapy can be a boon. As the popular saying “prevention is better than cure” it is always better not to allow disease to attack us. Mudra can be an effective means to this end.

In our body among the five elements air element is of paramount importance. They call it “prana” indicating it is the life force. The five elements in our body are prana, apana, vyana, udaana, samana or air, earth, water, fire and ether. Prana element is situated in the anahatha chakra or heart plexus. It takes care of functions of lungs, heart, and all chest related problems giving the related organs energy to function normally. The second element apana is situated in muladhara chakra and supplies energy to organs of pelvic region like kidney, intestine etc ., facilitating the normal functioning of the respective organs.

It helps in elimination of waste from the body thereby keeping the body fit and healthy. The third element samana is situated in manipura chakra (solar plexus). It supplies energy to the organs of naval region controlling the normal functioning of the organs connected. The fourth element udana is situated in vishudha chakra. It controls the organs like eyes, nose, ears, tongue, skin (the panchendriyas) supplying them with energy to make them function normally. The fifth one vyana is very important. It controls the flow of all the other pranas in our body. It regulates the flow of energy to all the organs and hence considered to be utmost important. Hence vyana mudra gains special recognition in the mudra therapy.

To give a simple understanding on mudra here is a tip. The five fingers in our arm represent the five elements in the body. If you combine the thumb finger which represent fire element with other fingers the change in the flow of five elements take place. Accordingly the tip of fingers representing a specific element is brought in contact with the tip of thumb finger the balancing of the respective element takes place. If the tip of other fingers is brought in contact with the base of the thumb finger the respective element becomes less active and if the thumb finger is brought in contact with the base of other fingers the respective elements becomes more active.

Gheranda Samhitha is a very well-known authentic treatise on Yoga. Gheranda Samhitha mentions mudras as very important tools to keep our body healthy and stable. Tantra shastra says mudras can bring mental happiness and in the Indian classical dances Bharathanatyam, odessi dance, mohini attam, kathakkali etc use mudra to express certain feelings and objects and it appears they have used such signs indicating their importance in our daily life as health boosters. Wisdom of our ancestors needs to be properly understood by us to lead a very healthy and peaceful life.

In the science of mudra we have different categories namely, hasta, mana, kaya and bandha. In Mano mudras facial parts like eyes, ears, tongue and lips are used. Examples of mudras of this category are shambhavi mudra, nasikagra mudra, kechri mudra, shanmukhi mudra etc. Kaya mudra involves doing asanas using the postures. Vipareetha karini, yoga mudra, manduki mudra etc are kaya mudras. Jalandhara, udyana, mula and maha bandhas are Bandha mudras. Adhara mudra carries prana from muladhara chakra to sahasrara chakra. Ashwini mudra, vajroli mudra etc belong to this category. These mudras activate kundalini energy.

In the science of yoga pranayama is of paramount importance. Similarly mudra also is an integral part of yoga. The mudras activate the nervous system and facilitate the circulation of energy in our body. For those who are mentally and physically weak and who are prone to fall sick are very highly benefitted by mudra yoga. For the modern day living mudra can be a blessing. Mudra is also acclaimed as higher practice of yoga. Application of mudras is a necessity in the practice of Ashtanga yoga except in yama and niyama stages. It is also said that mudra is a combination of yoga, pranayama and bandhas.

We have understood how the pressure points are activated by mudras, and how the mudras influence our body in promoting health and how the internal organs are influenced by application of mudras. Like a switch controls a machine the mudras control our body functions to gives us health. Mudras can help us develop mentally, physically and spiritually. In the palms we have liver, thyroid, parathyroid, kidney, stomach etc pressure points. So mudras can act on the respective organs through the activation of these pressure points.

Mudra is health in your hands…no expenses, no side effects, no frequent visiting of doctors, no time barrier, no place barrier….Mudra is nothing but health booster at the cost of nothing at all but your time. Turn to mudra therapy and be healthy and happy in life.

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