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Dr Lathashekhar

Early Life

Dr.Lathashekhar has settled in Bangalore Karnataka. She was fond of Mudra and Yoga from the very earlier stage of life. She completed her primary, and secondary education with grace and enthusiasm. After completing PUC, she enrolled in Yoga and Bharatanatyam. The grace and satisfaction of mudra and healing treatment through yoga made her decision firm to choose yoga as a carrier for a lifetime. Her contribution lends a certain cachet to society. She has proven experience with the technique that, “mudra with naturopathy techniques can conquer any disease.” She has a strong belief that “any critical and delicate health issue related to our loved ones in any age category can be cured with healing through yoga technique and Crystal therapy (Pranashakthi Jagrathi Chikithsa). With deep knowledge and experience, she has treated people suffering from BP, Heart problems, back pain, Diabetic, Asthma, cancer, and breathlessness. Women suffering from PCOD, PCOS, and infertility have got relief from healing through yoga techniques and crystal therapy.


After graduating in Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences (B Nat), she has also completed BAMS, MSc. (Yoga), Certificate in Therapeutic Yoga. To knowledge expansion, she pursued yoga teaching training. She has expertise in Pranic healing, Reiki (II Degree), andColor Therapyto understand energy healing techniques. She was ‘adding more and more success stories to her hat!’ University of the Americas, Florida, USA awarded Ph.D. her. On top of that she is a master in mudra therapy. As she is having expert knowledge in Mudra, she was awarded Mudra Praveene. To become a full-fledged healer she introduced herself to Touch Therapy. To understand the benefits of stress-relieving benefits of meditation she learnt Transcendental Meditation. She has an amazing experience in Yoga therapy as she believes that, any critical health condition can be dealt with through yoga. In her 15+ years of career, she has treated kids and the elderly. Challenging problems like BP, diabetes, back pain, asthma, children's development, and mental health can be cured with yoga. She has a unique skill set of Alternative Healing through Yoga and Mudra with naturopathy techniques. She has a belief in Yoga and Crystal Therapy (PranshakthiJagrathiChikitsa).

She has been bestowed with a rich experience of healing people through yoga for the past 10 years. She has treated and trained School children to aged men and women. She has proved that Yoga can effectively tackle the various challenging diseases like Thyroid problems, Menstrual problems, Diabetes, Hypertension, corpulence, Asthma, Back pain, Knee pain, Stress, Depression, Gastric problems,lack of Concentration in children, Memory related problems etc.

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Regular practice of yoga can do miracles to your body and mind. Perseverance, Determination, Dedication are the prerequisites for perfection. No deviation from this will ever yield results.

–Yoganidhi Dr. Lathashekhar


Dr Lathashekhar is known for her aggressive and regular practice of Yoga which made her won several (more than 25 times) National and international yoga championships. With her growing popularity as a yoga competitor she has found a more satisfying expression in teaching and treating people through Yoga. She has made Yoga as her way of life which brought her laurels.

Her experiment on bringing back the lost splendor in women, reducing ageing, preventing /curing/reducing the illnesses of almost all kinds in almost all age groups and genders had brought her blessings galore from the beneficiaries.


Dr Lathashekhar treats her patients through her simple healing methods which comprised of Yoga, Pranayama, Mudra, Kriyas, herbs, Herbal combinations, Yogic diet and her suggestions of simple lifestyle changes. Her Yoga Therapy was well accepted by thousands of patients. She has succeeded in bringing down the sugar levels in diabetics and thyroid patients who came to her stopped taking pills for the rest of their life! Depression, Anxiety, Stress were all treated convincingly by her Yoga Therapy.

Dr Lathashekhar’s Therapy for all kinds of diseases of children to elders has gained enormous popularity for its benefits of high efficacy, no side effects and low cost.


For her services in the field of Yoga Lathashekhar has been honored by Shri Shri Ravishankara Guruji of Art of Living, Lion’s club Malleshwara, Vipra samaja of Shringeri, Cultural Societies, Pontiff of Murusavira Matt, Karnataka Social Development Society, Institute of Ayush for spreading awareness on holistic therapies.

She was awarded Aryabhata International Award, Suvarna Mahila Sadhaki Award, Antararashtriya Yogasiri Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, Yoganidhi, Yogarathna, Yogavisharade, Yogapraveene, Yogakalaprathibhe, Yogabhushana, Rashtrabandhu, by various institutions in recognition of her services in the field of Yoga, Mudra, Pranayama therapies. Recently she was honored by Shri Shri Siddhaganga swamiji, Sri Sheelasampadana Mutt. Gonipete, Bhadravati on the occasion of release of “Mudra Sanjeevini” a treatise on Hand gestures to self healing written by Yoganidhi Dr Lathashekhar herself.

Author Yoganidhi Dr Lathashekhar

Mudra Sanjeevini

The book “Mudra Sanjeevini” was written both in Kannada & English by Lathashekhar with an intention of spreading the noble art of Mudra Therapy among the fellow men and women. Mudra therapy is gaining popularity because of zero side effects and its efficacy in treating the diseases without medicines. The economical method is so very effective in bringing about cures even in chronic problems.

Mudra sanjeevini deals with great number of hand gestures which are effective against almost all kinds of diseases. It throws insight into the action of individual mudras, how they are practiced, what kind of diseases they cure and for how long mudras have to be practiced.

Presently mudras are probably the most economical, easy to practice very effective therapeutic method with zero side effects. With its application spanning all the age groups and all genders it can cater to the need of the present day requirements more comfortably than many alternative therapeutic systems.

Her treatise on Mudras was telecast through Kasturi Kannada channel for a consecutive period of 2 months and people have been greatly benefited by the teaching methods of Lathashekhar. She has earned the name Mudra Praveene through her successful healing practice in which she has made use of hand gestures to heal.


a treatise on Yoga written by Dr Lathashekhar carries with it her rich experience and understanding of Yogachikitsa. It comprises of over 100 Asanas, pranayamas, kriyas, their description, their usage, and the way to perform them coupled with warnings here and there to take precautions while performing the difficult asanas. The book is appreciated by legends in the field of healing like Dr BM Hegde, a renowned heart specialist, Dr Ravi (Cardiac Sugeon) etc. and has testimonials from various persons who are benefited through her methods of Therapeutic Yoga. The book may serve as a valuable resource for beginners and advanced Yoga practitioners.

Yogasanjeevini in English and Mudra Sanjeevini in English & Kannada versions are available in all the leading book stalls in Bengaluru. Mudra Sanjeevini her popular work was sold more than 10000 copies all over Karnataka!