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Diet therapy

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Diet therapy is a broad term for the alteration or adoption of a diet to prevent or treat a disease or to simply promote optimum health. In some cases, an alternative dietary lifestyle plan may be developed to eliminate certain foods to reclaim health.

An incorrect diet can cause not only weight gain and skin conditions but may promote exhaustion and fatigue. Depending on the disease, if you do not follow the diet advised to you by a specialist it may have serious consequences on your health. A good diet can prevent various diseases.

For example, if it is to treat obesity or excess weight, weight loss is closely related to a decrease in the number of calories released in the body; in fact, the energy balance must be negative, that is, the calories consumed must be lower than those burned. This is achieved not only by integrating a sports activity into the patient's routine but also by changing the patient's eating habits.

Diet therapy is not limited to weight loss: in fact, this treatment can prevent and treat a whole range of different diseases, with very different characteristics and the diet may depend on the nature of the disorder treated.